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Tom Owen leads Focus Louisville tour on Main St.


Safe Haven

Partnership provides a safe haven for women and their pets

The Center for Women and Families and the Kentucky Humane Society educate the Louisville community on the correlation between animal abuse and family violence.


Cropped Out Festival brings weirdest and wildest to Louisville

With each successive year, there are more and more music festivals popping up of all shapes and sizes, but the Cropped Out Festival is above and beyond the most bizarre. 


From a Kid's POV: IdeaFestival 2015

When IdeaFestival began in 2000 this organic, free-thinking event stressed that it was for "anyone, irrespective of any demographic, to collaborate and be inspired to think differently." Corporations sent employees. Universities sent professors. Curious adults bought tickets. College students came in droves. What about kids? How do children fare within this intellectual stew?
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