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Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes could open Studio Post Office anywhere. He chose Old Louisville.

Artist and designer Matt Scott Barnes has serious sweat equity in his block of Old Louisville. The Nashville native opened his gallery and design space, Studio Post Office, in the Arden Building on Oak between First Street and Second Street in February.


Louisville's most family-friendly Halloween events

From haunted to hilarious, Louisville has no shortage of Halloween activities. We picked our favorite neighborhood events that are perfect for all ages.

Walter Shannon, Cathy Smith Shannon

Louisville's E&S Gallery remains a sanctuary of black art and one of the top galleries in the U.S.

Being the “only” anything isn’t always easy, but when you are the only African American gallery in a city whose black population is just about 22 percent, the level of difficulty would seem to increase. But E&S Gallery has faced the challenges that come with the word “only” and risen above “only” to grow one of the most successful galleries in the country focusing exclusively on art created by African Americans. 


Louisville Area Furniture Society push limits of functional design

Louisville is a progressive city with a long memory. Ask any native Louisvillian for directions, and his or her answer may include references to buildings that have changed names or no longer exist.

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