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Portland-K&I Railroad Bridge

Along a bend in the Ohio River, just northwest of downtown is Portland. Portland was originally its own city, and was annexed not once but twice by the city of Louisville. 

After years of urban flight, this proud working-class neighborhood with a strong history (check out the Portland Museum on Portland Ave. to learn more.) is the benefactor of several revival plans. It is posed to become the next NuLu in terms of mixed-use residential, retail and office spaces. The Portland Warehouse District includes galleries and artist studio space. The Portland Wharf Park and "Great Lawn West" project will expand downtown's Waterfront Park west. Habitat for Humanity ReStore, McQuixote Books & Coffee and Hot Coffee, Please & Thank You's bakehouse, and walk-up shop, now call Portland home. 

Prominent historic landmarks and the city's pre Civil War buildings, including the vacant United States Marine Hospital of Louisville, stand in Portland. The McAlpine Locks and Dam, completed in 1830, was the first major engineering project on the Ohio River. This set of locks and a hydroelectric dam was designed to allow shipping traffic to navigate through the Falls of the Ohio River.





Derby Clock

A new year for Louisville Distilled

When my wife moved here eight years ago I took her on a driving tour of our entire city. It took an hour and a half. What can I say? I am from Louisville. I love Louisville. When I’m not showing people how great our city is, I love telling people how great our city is.

Free Coat Exchange

Some people need a coat; others have a coat they don't need. The Free Coat Exchange helps both.

While many shoppers prepare for the biggest retail spending day of the year, the Free Coat Exchange encourages a different kind of shopping experience on Black Friday. 

Walter Shannon, Cathy Smith Shannon

Louisville's E&S Gallery remains a sanctuary of black art and one of the top galleries in the U.S.

Being the “only” anything isn’t always easy, but when you are the only African American gallery in a city whose black population is just about 22 percent, the level of difficulty would seem to increase. But E&S Gallery has faced the challenges that come with the word “only” and risen above “only” to grow one of the most successful galleries in the country focusing exclusively on art created by African Americans. 

Love Louisville Trees volunteers celebrate the planting of a new sapling.

Urban orchards fill gaps, transform Louisville

Urban orchards are taking root in our city, with everyone from neighbors to Metro government reaping the benefits of what they’ve sewn. 

Safe Haven

Partnership provides a safe haven for women and their pets

The Center for Women and Families and the Kentucky Humane Society educate the Louisville community on the correlation between animal abuse and family violence.
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