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Environment + Sustainability

Louisville brims with green buildings, green spaces, farmers' markets, urban gardens, ride-share programs and reusable design concepts. We understand that sustainability not only preserves resources (and money) but also attracts talent and industry, improves the health and wellbeing of its residents and fosters sustainable economic growth. 
Yet, there is still more work to do. Building a sustainable community is a long-term process, and progress is going to come in small increments. Increasing our tree canopy, adding more than 78 miles of bike lanes and implementing a community-wide ban on plastic bag usage for yard waste are steps in the right direction. 


Derby Clock

A new year for Louisville Distilled

When my wife moved here eight years ago I took her on a driving tour of our entire city. It took an hour and a half. What can I say? I am from Louisville. I love Louisville. When I’m not showing people how great our city is, I love telling people how great our city is.

Falls City Community BikeWorks

Falls City Community BikeWorks DIY approach builds community and bikes

You can find a bustling vibe in the most hidden and unassuming of places in this town. Even at a bike shop like Falls City Community BikeWorks, where people of all different ages and backgrounds come together.

Love Louisville Trees volunteers celebrate the planting of a new sapling.

Urban orchards fill gaps, transform Louisville

Urban orchards are taking root in our city, with everyone from neighbors to Metro government reaping the benefits of what they’ve sewn. 

Revelry Gallery

Keeping the money close to home: why these Louisville businesses only sell local goods

To put the spotlight on how Buy Local is taking shape in our own city, Louisville Distilled illuminates successful locally owned businesses that sell goods created and designed in Louisville or Kentucky.

Forecastle Crowd

Forecastle 2016 chock full of body glitter, mermaids and amazing music

The 2016 Forecastle Festival set sail this past weekend at Waterfront Park. 
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