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Health + Wellness

Building healthy communities is a task Louisville does not take lightly. Louisville needs to improve its overall health. The comprehensive Healthy Louisville 2020 report, a blueprint for improving the city's collective, physical, mental and social health, is a good start. However, we must work harder to eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity by supporting programs and policies that address the root causes of unhealthy communities. 
Making Louisville a healthier place for all of its citizens and overcoming our city's health challenges requires all sectors of the community to work together. Healthy people means healthy communities. 



Paul Friedman and Family

They came, they saw, they stayed: Why people choose careers in Louisville

Take a look at how Louisville companies are snagging top talent.

Rosie Dane students practice a one minute sit stay at Brown Park while Rosie and Tyler look on.

Any dog can become a good dog, just ask Rosie Dane Dog Training's Tyler Ohlmann

If you’ve ever seen a pony-sized black dog sitting calmly alone on a restaurant patio in Louisville, no tie-up in sight, you probably saw Rosie. She’s holding a table for her person, Tyler Ohlmann, and she’s not moving till he gets back and tells her to.

Vogt Award Winners 2016

2016 Vogt Award Winners Inspire at Demo Day

The Vogt Awards helps startup founders develop product ideas into successful businesses. Does it work? We found out at Demo Day. 

Falls City Community BikeWorks

Falls City Community BikeWorks DIY approach builds community and bikes

You can find a bustling vibe in the most hidden and unassuming of places in this town. Even at a bike shop like Falls City Community BikeWorks, where people of all different ages and backgrounds come together.

Free Coat Exchange

Some people need a coat; others have a coat they don't need. The Free Coat Exchange helps both.

While many shoppers prepare for the biggest retail spending day of the year, the Free Coat Exchange encourages a different kind of shopping experience on Black Friday. 
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