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Facilities Management Services, Inc. is Louisville's First B Corporation

Louisville-based Facilities Management Services, Inc. (FMS) on 4400 Bishop Lane has become the first janitorial company in the world to receive the prestigious B Corporation (B Corp) certification. FMS is one of the first B Corps in Kentucky, with the only other B Corp in the state being Recycle-A-Textbook based in Lexington.
The two companies received their B Corp certification within one week of each other in November 2016. Worldwide, B Corps meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, and include making a positive impact on employees, the community and the environment as its legally defined goals.
Becoming a B Corp requires a rigorous certification process coordinated through the non-profit entity B Lab. The process begins with a 200-question assessment, which took a committee of six FMS employees over a year to complete. A score of 80 out of 200 is eligible for certification, and FMS scored a 111. B Lab conducts an assessment every two years to ensure companies maintain the B Corp status.
FMS is one of 515 companies worldwide spanning 30 countries and 44 industries to be honored with the B Corp certification. Other notable B Corps include Ben & Jerry's, Etsy, and The Honest Company. 
Since its founding in 1999, FMS has grown from a small janitorial service to a multi-state operation with more than 800 employees, enacting some of the most innovative and effective programs designed to help its employees and the community-at-large. FMS is headquartered in Louisville with branch operations in New Albany, Shelbyville and Lexington. 

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