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UofL Astro Surgery Project prepares future surgeons in space

Can surgery be done in space? According to the UofL Astrosurgery team led by Dr. George Pantalos, bioengineering and surgery professor with the UofL Cardiovascular Innovation Institute, yes. Dr. Pantalos recently took four UofL students to Houston where they conducted tests in zero-gravity on the astrosurgery device he is developing with researchers at Carnegie Melon. This was the third time since 2012 that Dr. Pantalos and his research team tested the device in zero gravity.
Dr. Pantalos has collaborated with NASA for many years helping to understand cardiovascular adaptation to the weightlessness of space flight and the return to Earth. He has flown 43 research missions on the NASA Zero-G airplane and has lead the development of a cardiovascular experiment - that included an artificial heart - that has flown twice on the Space Shuttle Discovery. This interdisciplinary background helped him develop emergency medical and surgical procedures for space flight and work on methods to support critically ill patients requiring aeromedical transport. 
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